About our Zero Waste Store

The SEK Collective – Zero Waste Store

While building The SEK Collective we became acutely aware of the devastation plastic is causing in our environment across  the world. We knew we needed to open a bricks and mortar store that could assist people in reducing their daily consumption of plastic by offering everyday goods and foods in a plastic-free environmentally-friendly manner

In store you’ll find everything from dry grains, nuts, seeds and pastas to cleaning supplies and body care products, all of which you can purchase on a weigh-and-pay basis, either filling up your own re-used containers or one of our eco-friendly packaging options. You will also find your daily essentials such as free-range eggs and milk in glass bottles (that can be returned and refilled), as well as a range of plastic-free kiddies goods and earth-friendly home-ware, which make for wonderful gifts for the eco-conscious. 

How it works

1. Bring your own container (or purchase a glass jar or reusable produce bag or use a free recycled paper bag) – weigh it

2. Fill your container with as much of whatever you need (nuts, seeds, flours, grains,cleaning products etc.)

3. Take it back to the weighing scale and it will give you a weight and price for the product only

4. Label the jar with the above info (this is handy so you don’t forget what is in the jar – a lot of things look the same..)

5. This is what you pay for. It’s a tried & tested system that is used in zero waste shops around the world.


We are now open for deliveries!