How the SEK Collective came to be

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, over 20 football fields worth of forests will have been wiped out. There is a collection of floating trash between Hawaii and California that is twice the size of Texas. One hundred billion plastic bags are thrown away every year, which take up to 1,000 years to decompose. The fashion industry is the second largest industrial polluter, with ‘fast fashion’ resulting in terrible working conditions and mountains of waste clogging up landfills across the globe.
I was seeing stats like these everywhere, and naturally as I got more interested and started researching things further, I learnt more and more of how through our ‘normal’ day to day living, we were (unknowingly I believe) destroying the very place we call home. After seeing videos on how plastic is destroying sea-life, learning about how the textile industry is rife with worker exploitation and causing mass amounts of water (and other) pollution, I started to understand how today’s mass fast consumerism is simply not sustainable, and if something doesn’t change soon, the place we call home will soon be in a dire situation.

“In the time it takes you to read this sentence, over 20 football fields worth of forests will have been wiped out.”

But when looking online for goods made from natural materials using sustainable methods and ethical treatment of all workers involved in the process, I discovered that there is no ‘one-stop-shop’ for the type of greener goods I was looking for.


Few people know about smaller companies trying to make a difference. 

Arguably some large fashion chains have acknowledged the darker side that underpins their industry, 

and have consequently committed to reduce emissions, use renewable energy or increase use of sustainable techniques and materials. But few people know about smaller companies trying to make a difference. And brands doing good in other industries.
That is why we started The SEK Collective. The SEK Collective is a platform for sustainable and ethical products from South Africa, and around the world. We want to give the companies that are doing things the right way a stage to present their goods and give them exposure to the consumers who share their values of sustainability, ethical treatment and giving back. We are building a community of individuals and brands who believe in the power of greener and kinder living, and its ability to change, restore and improve our world.

Each retailer wishing to upload products onto the platform must specify what ecological or ethical benefit it offers through their specific products, such as recycled materials or community upliftment. Consumers have peace of mind when purchasing goods through the site, knowing that they were made in the most people and planet friendly way possible. The SEK Collective has a firm set of SEK Standards, to which we will hold both ourselves and our vendors accountable, and we will ensure that all products sold on the site meet these sustainable and ethical requirements.
Through the SEK Collective we will endeavour to inform and educate people on the negative effects of many of the items we use every day, and provide sustainable environmentally friendly alternatives. As we grow this conscious consumer base we want to connect them to the brands we have endorsed on our platform, thereby aiding the growth of an ecologically aware population, and sharing in the success of the brands who have allowed this to happen.
We want to engage in the success of The SEK Collective brands by sharing their stories through conversations, forums, events, blogs and social media networks.

Together we can create a better world.


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