Plastic Free Packaging 

Born out of Cape Town, South Africa, Mielie Mailer uses cutting edge technology to create sustainable alternatives to every day products – most notably single-use plastics. 

Mielie Mailers are made from spoiled corn, PLA ( a plastic alternative derived from plant fibres) and PBAT. The plant materials used are sourced from sustainable grow areas where no forest or natural habitat was cleared. 

The plant materials in Mielie Mailers makes up less than 0.01% of the global annual corn crop which makes it an extremely low-impact resources.

And because corn which is unfit for human consumption is used, the production of our mailers does not direct food away from people. 

Carbon Negative Delivery

With each delivery sent out using a Mielie Mailer, double the carbon emissions of that delivery is offset!

The emission of the deliveries is calculated and then offset using the most effective way currently available: by planting trees in deforested regions across the world.

Find out more about this amazing initiative here.

Reuse and Recycle 

In an effort to stay true to our beliefs of eco-friendly living, we strive to keep our shipping and packaging as environmentally friendly as possible. 

We use repurposed boxes and packing materials wherever possible, and keep it all #plasticfree! We try not to put any packing materials inside of postage boxes, but for any orders that are fragile, we reuse paper and cardboard packing materials inside of our boxes.

Further to this, we request our suppliers to use similar practises in the goods they send to us. 

Once a delivery has been sent off, we cannot control what happens to these materials, but we encourage you to please reuse, recycle or compost the packaging materials once received.

We are now open for deliveries!