The SEK Mission

We commit to educate as many people, with as far a reach as possible, on the importance of sustainable living and the impact of our everyday purchases.

We commit to working with brands that share our core values, and meet the SEK Standards.

We commit to being honest and transparent about our intent, actions, and impact.

We commit to ensuring fairness and compassion in all we do, and creating an environment that inspires employees and patrons by treating all people with dignity and respect.



We commit to being mindful of the environment and our ecosystems throughout all aspects of our organisation.

We are conscious of our footprint and seek products that have little to no negative impact on the planet.

We commit to assisting individuals and artisans by supporting them in growing their skills into viable businesses. We will also promote the traditional methods used by many, which may otherwise be forgotten.

We commit a portion of our proceeds to social and community development through charity

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