Premium 2-Ply Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper – BULK


48 Rolls

This premium 2-ply Güdsheet toilet paper is made from eco-friendly sugar cane fibres and wood pulp. It’s not only “Güd” for the earth, it helps do “Güd” by providing toilets and toilet paper to those in need throughout South Africa.

Each roll is hand-wrapped in eco-friendly paper to promote hygiene and is packed in recycled paper boxes to replace plastic

The toilet paper is BPA free and contains no chlorine, acids, inks, dyes or strange scents

Güdsheet toilet paper is 100% biodegradable – sewer & septic tank safe

Every Güdsheet purchase helps provide toilets & toilet paper to those in need- find out more about the work being done by GudCo click here

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Millions of South Africans don’t have access to a toilet, or even toilet paper.

Poor sanitation is the main cause of diarrhoea related diseases that kill hundreds of people every day.
It’s also a leading contributor to endemic poverty, which is a major drag on the economic growth of our country.

Through your purchases, Güdsheet helps provide Toilets & Toilet Paper to underprivileged schools & crèches in need.

Why toilets & TP? Because they provide dignity, health and an improved quality of life.


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