The SEK Standards

In order to achieve our overall goal of providing only earth- and people- friendly goods, we hold both ourselves and all our suppliers to a strict set of standards. These fall into three categories:


There is a commit to being mindful of the environment and our ecosystems throughout all aspects of the organisation. To remain conscious of our footprint and seek products that has as little to no negative impact on the planet. 

The sustainable designers represented at The SEK Collective are careful stewards of our planet, implementing a variety of eco-friendly measures to minimize their environmental footprints. Beyond that, what they produce are timeless, quality products designed to have long life-cycles, rather than throwaway pieces to be discarded be as part of a relentless, trend-driven commerce model. Some of the steps that may be followed to create eco-friendly goods include. 

  • Using salvaged, reclaimed, vintage, recycled, repurposed or up-cycled materials.
  • Using high-quality natural fibres (e.g., cotton, flax/linen, hemp, jute, wool, cashmere, alpaca, silk) that are sustainably and responsibly harvested. Natural fibres are renewable resources and biodegradable.
  • Treating fibres with natural, botanical or AZO-free dyes.
  • Using water-efficient and lower-impact methods.
  • Avoiding or minimising the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Sourcing and manufacturing locally to reduce the impact of transporting materials to various stops along the supply and production chains.
  • Making items by hand or in small batches in an effort to decelerate the fashion cycle, as well as avoid the environmental impact of machine-driven assembly lines.

Ethical Treatment

Safe and fair working conditions and remuneration 

There is a commitment to ensuring fairness for all employees and patrons by treating all people with dignity and respect, assuring fair payment and fair trade. All of the companies we work with must be socially responsible and people-friendly. Their products must be made in safe, healthy environments where workers are treated and compensated fairly.

Manufacturing companies must demonstrate that they are producing products in a way that empowers, rather than exploits, workers, and that employees or contractors are afforded basic protections in line with international labour standards.


Giving back

We commit to assisting individuals and artisans by supporting them in growing their skills into viable businesses. We will also promote the use of traditional method, which may otherwise be forgotten.


We will strive to assist as many individuals as possible to grow their skills into liveable earnings. This will be done through working with already established organisations, and in time through establishing similar structures ourselves. We collaborate with non-profit organisations, NGO’s, and brands that donate a portion of their sales to charities/organisations that share our eco-conscious values

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